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My goal is for today to be one of the best days of your life — because you came across this site and found the information that changed your life forever.

I am committed to honest, ethical, and innovative approaches to benefitting from the technology and information at our fingertips.

CryptoStars is a group of individuals who are dedicated to the core principals of:

  • mastering and ethically applying successful methodologies
  • continuous improvement and automation
  • learning from mistakes (especially others’)
  • mentoring and giving back

I hope we can deliver some quality insight and some innovative solutions in the months to come!



John McMahon

CEO, Starter Inc.


I wont lie, I really believe in these crypto currencies.  It’s a lot like the internet stocks circa 1996 out there… things are really just getting started.

My research resulted in a methodology which allowed me to bank 300% gains with coins including XRP, XLM, and REQ.  Double and triple gains even while BitCoin was tanking from $20k to $12.5k

In the coming months we at Starter Inc. will be turning out a few products of our own… stay tuned!

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XLM (Stellar Lumens)

Stellar Who: Stellar.org Nonprofit Organization and Community What: The Stellar Network is an open platform for developing payment networks. Where: San Francisco, CA Features: Open Source Started by former Ripple team members Fast transactions, similar to Ripple (XRP) High profile partner IBM chose Stellar to power cross border payments (Oct 2017) Analysis: Stellar has seen …

XRP (Ripple)

Ripple Who: The Ripple Network What: International banking interchange solution Where: San Francisco, CA Features: Pre-Mined XRP 55% held in escrow Monthly release into market from escrow Inflationary mechanism “burns” Ripple with each transaction 2nd in market cap behind BTC (Jan 2018) Analysis: Ripple has seen impressive 4000% gains in value over the past 12 …


The CryptoStars Group is based in San Francisco

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