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I’m not gonna lie, I really believe in these crypto currencies.

I’m a GenX startup / technology guy who lives in San Francisco and I was here during the dot com boom, when the very first web-based stock trading platforms were released — and non-accredited retail investors were able to buy and sell stocks directly for the first time.

I saw the rise — and eventual fall — of some amazing, dynamic young companies. Fortunes were made overnight. Of course there was a bust to the bubble and consolidation and corporatization eventually matured the Internet and we are now entering the age of Crypto Currencies and BlockChain technology.

It’s a lot like the internet stocks circa 1996 out there — you GenXers know what I’m talking about— things are really just getting started.

So I’ve been going deep for the past year with research, doubled some savings with BTC over the summer and have been researching the tech fundamentals of dozens of these “alt” coins.

My research resulted in a methodology which allowed me to bank some 300% winners include XRP, XLM, and REQ.  Double and triple gains even while BitCoin was tanking from $20k to $12.5k

In the coming months we at Starter Inc. will be turning out a few products of our own… stay tuned!

20 years of tech, startup, and FinTech cryptography experience I have a serious leg up on analyzing these coins which are all basically tech startups in the “blockchain” technology space.

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